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Wells Fargo line of credit


Wells Fargo line of credit

My husband called last week to see if he could get a loan  but instead they told him to apply for a  line of credit from. They went through the app and the rep came back and said he was approved for $6k. They told him what the apr should be and asked him if there were any balances that he would like to move over. Well fast foward to today he got a wells fargo visa cc with a limit of $5700 in the mail. He's at work so he can't call them right now but i called the loan officer at the branch that he spoke/applied with and am waiting for a call back. We don't have no other accounts with them and i'm wondering if this is a bait and switch or do they put a line of credit to a cc since we don't have any accounts with them.


Dh really thought he applied for a line of credit not a cc since we don't need anymore than what we have. I'm p'oed right now cause even the rate that they told him isn't right. They said it was 6.99% and the card says that's only for 6 months then it goes to 18.99%. I also don't see the transfers that dh asked them to do. Anybody have any experience with them.

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Re: Wells Fargo line of credit

A line of credit and and a credit card are both revolving credit (essentially the same).   Balance transfers may take a little while to show up.  


You got a good rate for 6 months.

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