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Wells Fargo message

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Wells Fargo message

Hey there! been a while since last post (5 days ago) hahha, anyway parents received an e-mail from Wells Fargo and said this :

has anyone else recieved th same e-mail? Also whats the CreditXpert credit scores? Are they important when it comes to lenders checking credit report? 


As a homeowner, protecting your credit is a priority. A higher credit score may help you qualify for preferred mortgage or home equity account rates. That's why it's important to monitor your credit with Wells Fargo's Identity Theft Protection

Now for just $1 for the first month, you'll receive:
Access to your personal credit reports1 — including your CreditXpert® credit scores2
Daily monitoring3 by all three major credit reporting agencies — see if anyone has tried to access your credit report
Helpful notifications — be alerted if certain information is added to your credit record
Get the credit protection that every homeowner deserves.
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the monthly fee isnt that bad :)

the monthly fee isnt that bad after the first month Smiley Happy

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Re: the monthly fee isnt that bad :)

I got this too (my mortgage servicing was sold to Wells Fargo).


This is one of many similar offers, the scores offered are FAKO scores, not used by any lender, so similar to what you can get for free from CK/CS/QZ etc.  These offers differ mainly on price and how often you can access the credit reports (ignore scores!).  I didn't study my email much, so I don't know if this is towards the good or bad end of the spectrum.    But I always wary of lenders promoting this type of service, it's just a revenue generator and they already get enough from my mortgage!

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