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Wells Fargo rewards credit card

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Wells Fargo rewards credit card


Transunion score 680

EQ score 662


Not yet sure who they pulled but guessing Trans who has the best record 

No judgements

1 Charge off which is 5 years old for $190 dollars

80K income

Multiple positive accounts never late

Never late with anything in the last 4.9 years except charge off stated above

18% Util on credit cards

1 BK in 2002 (9 years old)


Will call and find out the main reason tomorrow for denial.


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Re: Wells Fargo rewards credit card

Called application status office and they said that they pulled EXPERIAN credit report.


They said main reason for denial was BK and a current CO account listed which is 5 years old but you cannot have any current delinquent accounts for a wells fargo unsecured credit card, you must be current with everything in the last 2 years.

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Re: Wells Fargo rewards credit card

yeah they suck.  i've been banking with them for a few years.  although my accounts with them did not have thousands of dollars in it, i do have a total of about $1K between the savings and checking.  and make deposits to use their international remittance service.  cheaper than any other remittance place like western union at $3.50 per transaction up to $5K i think.  but other than that, there's really not much activity on it.  about 2 weeks ago i app'd for their rewards card and got denied.  i called backdoor number and asked for a recon.  after a couple of days i called back to see status of recon.  i was told that it was denied.  reason, they had a problem with my TU report so they went off of my banking relationship with them. 


my problem with their denial reason was that my TU FICO from here was 740.  i knew they were going to pull TU.  since my TU was the best out of all 3, i knew i had a fighting chance.  i did check my reports to see what they pulled when i opened up my accounts.  the rep didn't elaborate as far as what "problem" they had in trying to access my TU.  i don't have any freezes on any of my reports.  then she told me since they couldn't pull my TU, they went off of my banking history with them.  she started sounding off that i was denied because my deposits were unpredictable, not too much money in my account etc. etc. etc.  so i just politely said thank you and hung up.  if it wasn't for their dirt cheap international remittance service that i use, i would've close my darn account with them.

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Re: Wells Fargo rewards credit card

Yeah wells fargo is pretty tight about their credit. I've had their card for four years and CL has only gone from 1200-1800. Best of luck going forward!
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Re: Wells Fargo rewards credit card

i just got my rewards card with a 4k limit on it. Now i did just buy a house and wells bought my mortgatge and i have been banking with them for years. i had wachovia before them and when wachovia was bought my accounts all switched to wells. My TU score was a 661

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