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Wells Fargo unsecured and CLI

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Wells Fargo unsecured and CLI



My WellsFargo secured credit card will finally graduate this coming February, but it has been always with a credit limit of $300.00

Should I expect a credit line increase once they graduate my account?, do they usually do that to customers?

BTW my credit score from wellsfargo sais that is excellent but it will probably be verygood since my utilization went up to 6% and my credit score dropped some points.

Please adviseSmiley Happy

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Re: Wells Fargo unsecured and CLI

Odd that no one replied...sorry bout that!

I don't know anything about their secured cards, so I can't help you much there. From what I've experienced with them from my old college CC is that limit increase offers are few and far between, maybe 1 per year if that. However, I would recommend to wait maybe 3 months after in graduates and call customer service and request a CLI. WF will only take requests from the phone.

I'm sure you figured most of this out already, but GL!
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