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Wellsfargo amex card with cl of 7k and utilization of 42 percent.

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Re: Wellsfargo amex card with cl of 7k and utilization of 42 percent.

@firefox100 wrote:

I am not going to use the wellsFargo card to much, because cl is only 7k if I put any spend on it then it pulls my fico score down.

If you are not applying for a new card or loan, who cares, fico score means nothing.

The creditcard company's want you use card and when you do it hurts your score, no way to win.

If you pay down the balance before the statement date you can control what reports for fico and earn rewards.

What I don't understand is why thay need to do a hard pull. I am going to waite to next year to get another card.

Many institutions view CL increases as seeking new credit, thus the hard pull.

Something to look at before getting a card from a bank or credit union, do they do SP CL increases?.


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Re: Wellsfargo amex card with cl of 7k and utilization of 42 percent.

CLI with Wells Fargo is a hard pull unless a soft-pull offer is available on your account. And typically needs to be open at least 12 months. I tried a few months back on my 2+ year old Cash Wise. No dice and rep said I can do a HP and see what you get. I passed.

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Re: Wellsfargo amex card with cl of 7k and utilization of 42 percent.

Ok when I do apply for cl increase on my Wellsfargo card and thay want to do a hard pull then I will just put the Card in my scodk draw. I am going to waite a year then ask for increase.

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Wells Fargo does give love.


Hi I called Wells Fargo today to ask for credit line increase on my Wells Fargo's Amex card. I open the card back in December 2018 starting cl of 7k and income of 75k. In the first 60 days put 3100 on the card as of today have balance of 1468 paid over 500 each month on the card. Fico score are over 790 all 3 reports total cl on all accounts is 125.5l with total balance of 2.5k showing. Wells Fargo did not do a hard pull but did not increase line have card for five months. The guy said you did not put lot on the card I said if you want me to use the card more then I need cl increase. I think Wells Fargo is tigh with cl increase, this is second time I have tryed for a increase. When I look at discover who always gives me an increase and I now have total cl of 27k and no balance on the card. BA gave me cl increase last month to 3k to 15k. What do others see from Wells Fargo?

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Re: Wells Fargo does give love.

I have had my propel card maybe 7 or 8 months.

I got a cli a few weeks ago. 

$3500 SL --> $4400 now.

I wanted to get a CLI for balance transfer offer I got in the mail.


Do not use too much for purchases due to limit and Savor and Uber.

One of my lower limits, but better than nothing.

Soft pull BTW.



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wells Fargo Amex card shows no love today.


Hi I have the Wells fargo Amex card that I got back in December 2018, with cl of 7k to start. My Fico 9 score is 790 income of 75k year. Total cl on all my cards are 125k and balance of 2.5k at this time. In the first 60 days charge 3100 on the card and over the past 3 months paid over 1500 on the card now have balance of 1468. I called the bank yesterday to see if I could get line increase  on the account. System would not give me an increase with out hard pull. Did not go for hd, call back today see if I could talk them into an increase, no go. I was told that I should try back in 2 months and I should make some charges on the account. I did not want to charge any more until I got balance dow under 1k. Any one have data points for wells fargo and what income also, thay are tight don't like to increase lines easy.

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Re: wells Fargo Amex card shows no love today.

@firefox100 wrote:


thay are tight don't like to increase lines easy.

what you are learning through all of this is,  Wells Fargo is a Conservative Bank.

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Re: WellsFargo Amex card line increase.

I’ve had two CLI’s with WF for the same card within three months of each other. The first was a hard pull bc I didn’t take their initial offer. The second was a soft pull bc I took the initial offer. All my scores were hovering around the 700s at the time and I had a balance on the card the first time, but not the second time.
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Re: WellsFargo Amex card line increase.

Yeah, being hp im just leaving well enough aloneSmiley Wink. My sl with them will most likely be for life lol. I dont spend enough where if i took a hp i feel the UW would approve a cli anyway. Called once to see if sp was avsilble but it was not. Dont expect much after your initial sl unless you spend like crazySmiley Wink
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Re: wells Fargo Amex card shows no love today.

In the span of less than three months you've repeatedly asked for an increase and have continually been given the same advice. You can keep not following the advice and get frustrated or you can follow the advice and see if that changes your outcome. So far you just keep doing the same thing while expecting different results.


If you have access to so much other credit and are so worried about your utilization, why not just use another card so you can stop worrying about it?

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