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Western Fed CU VISA

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Western Fed CU VISA

Heard an ad on the radio this morning for this CU that has offices in the Bay Area.  They are promoting a VISA card with a 5.99% interest rate.  I checked their website and found two versions of this card.  One with a variable rate (currently 5.99%) and a fixed rate at 8.99%.  Couldn't find much info on them online and was wondering if anyone on the forum has heard of them or currently does business with them.  Their deposit rates are pretty standard compared to other CUs so I'm not really tempted open an account...but was just curious Smiley Wink

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Re: Western Fed CU VISA

Looks like an interesting CU. You can join w/a $15 donation:


Non-Profit Affiliate – Friends of Hobbs State Park Conservation With your membership in Friends of Hobbs (and a one-time $15 membership fee to this non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Arkansas' Hobbs State Park) you can open a Western account.


They have low interest on their Visa, but I don't see any rewards. They also have really low auto loan rates.


Seems like it's worth looking in to.

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Re: Western Fed CU VISA

Pretty big CU in California. Don't know what their lending standards are like. But those Visa cards look like good candidates for purchases you are planning on running balances. Low interest variable visa has 3% bt. Higher interest fixed is basically fee free. No rewards on any cards.
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Re: Western Fed CU VISA

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