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What Are The Chances....

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What Are The Chances....

...of nearly all current pulls being from one CRA??


Been on a spree and successfully got 2 AMEX, a Citi, and Discover.  Also applied for Chase Sapphire and Slate, and just last night tried a B of A Power Rewards Visa.  ALL OF THEM, with the exception of Citi, pulled Experian!!  Now, my score is fine there (730 FICO), but all the inquiries are killing me!  Figured at least B of A would pull TU or EQ, which are my better scores (777 and 746 as of a couple days ago).  Anyone else have a string of inquiries hit like this?

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Re: What Are The Chances....

I got five on my EX from my last app spree a couple of months ago (two Citi, two Amex and one Chase) and I hate it but that was my luck here in FL - everyone seems to pull EX for me. Well I suppose I should be happy my CU pulls EQ since the only way to get a CLI is via a hard inquiry.


One of those Citi inquiries was my mistake as I requested a CLI about a day after my approvals and they pulled hard again (they also denied my CLI and asked I try again in 6 months). The second Amex was for a recon (I was initially denied for high UTIL) and they didn't seem too bothered by the fact that I had four other inquiries and approved me for a Gold.


As of this morning I have 0 on EQ and 0 on TU and I froze my EX a few days ago so hopefully CLIs and new credit issuers will not pull EX again (I am aware that freezing a report does not 100% protect you from hard inquiries from your current creditors, but we shall see).

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