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What CC should I app for? USAA, Citi or Amex?

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What CC should I app for? USAA, Citi or Amex?

I discovered these boards a few weeks ago when I went to pull my FICO score and am so glad that I did. I’ve lurked around several boards and have decided to jump in for some feedback.


Here’s my situation: My EQ score is 695 and my TU score is 725. The negatives that are influencing my report are my amount of debt - my credit usage is at 54%, besides that everything reports in good shape. They also claim a short credit history. I'm almost 29 and my oldest account opened was 11 years ago - a car loan with Ford Motor Credit paid off in 2004.


Chase Slate – 875/1000 (29.99 APR)

Best Buy – 1856/2700 (24.99 APR)

Ann Taylor – 50/690 (24.99 APR)

Lane Bryant – 0/500 (24.99 APR)

Macy’s – 142/No Limit (22 APR)

Talbots – 0/600 (20 APR)


I get at least 6-8 credit card offers from Citi each week telling me that I’ve been pre-selected and yesterday I got an email from USAA that I was pre-approved for their USAA Rate Advantage at 15.24%. I left Citibank a few years ago and would rather not give them my business on principal (I bank with Chase).


I should also mention that I had the Amex JetBlue from 2006-2008. Kept a low balance and had just PIF when I went to use it and it got declined. Amex had closed my account after a random review of my credit profile. I heard that this happened to several people in the fall of '08 though. The Chase CC was my first CC with a $500 CL and it was increased to $1000 3 years ago where its lived since. The card was due to expire next month and that’s when I got a new Slate card in the mail.


So here's what I want: a credit card that gives me rewards (preferably travel since I do a lot of it, ideally another Amex). I'd also like to get some of these APRs down (especially the Chase one). I'm about to get married in September (we've saved for the last 18 months and are paying for everything in cash). One more thing (and I don't know if it helps me) but my salary is $54K, but with my fiancé added to my total household income (can I do that?) we're at $140,000.


In a few years I'd also like to think about buying a house but it's not in my immediate future.


Thanks all!

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Re: What CC should I app for? USAA, Citi or Amex?

At 54K income, and a household income (don't think you can declare this until actually married) of 140K, and a near 700 FICO with 50% or higher revolving utilization... just get the cards paid down, get into the 720 or higher range, and go shopping for a higher tier rewards card than the ones you've mentioned currently is my advice.


If you desperately need to get those APR's down (you really don't have that much outstanding debt compared to your income) look for a balance transfer offer specifically; however, I think you're pretty much out of debt in a few months and if you're not looking at buying a house for another few years, it doesn't matter whether you get a new card now, or in the back half of this year once you've prettied up your reports / FICO score.


Edit and PS: if you're getting married in a few months, take some of that money you saved and pay off the balances and then float some of the marriage on the cards instead.  Short-term financing trick to boost your FICO for a new card assuming you apply during the roughly month where your report is a clean sheet for balances.  Might be too late to do that currently this month depending when your statement dates are.



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Goal Score:    EQ 5 771, TU 4 750, EX 2 776, EQ 8 809, TU 8 774, EX 8 822 (01/01/19)

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