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What Credit Card Do You Use When You're On a Date!?

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Re: What Credit Card Do You Use When You're On a Date!?

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If you are dating someone other than a gold digger, it probably mostly doesn't matter which card you use.  If you are dating a gold digger, run away fast; You deserve better.  The cards I would avoid on a date would be Hooters, Orchard, Credit One, Household Bank, First Premier, and Walmart.  The average person doesn't know that the Best Buy card is sub-prime, so you'd probably be safe with that.

Don't be labeled as a geek, skip on the BestBuy card Smiley Happy


Is Best Buy really considered a "geek" store?  They sell all kinds of TV equipment, music players, appliances, etc. in addition to their computers.  Besides, computers aren't really solely the province of geeks anymore.


Anyway, I do self-identify as a "geek", but that was never a problem for me when I was single.  I never had any trouble getting dates before I got married.  I think times have just changed a lot and "geek" no longer carries the social stigma it once did.

As a 'geek' myself I think ladies out there tend to like the geeks specially the ones that have a good job Smiley Happy


Every woman likes any guy with a steady well paying job Smiley Tongue 

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Re: What Credit Card Do You Use When You're On a Date!?

I use whatever gets 5% back on restaurants, or, failing that, my Forward, which gets 5 points per dollar at restaurants (about 3.5% when translated in to cash), and look like a cheapskate tipping with the credit card because I never carry around cash. Cabs hate me for that (I don't drive).

I just saw the Linux Fund card, I'll have to apply for that just to have it... right up my alley. If the date would be the type that I'd sized up, incorrectly or not, to be swayed by such a thing, I'd pull out my Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Visa. No cash back, I think it gives 1% of every purchase to the C&DRF - I'd rather get 5% back and donate myself.

Note that I don't go on many dates - I'm a seminarian (although I'm Melkite Greek Catholic*, so I'm technically allowed to marry before I am given the Holy Orders of Deacon, although, after that, all bets are off - I wonder if there'll be a mad rush to find a wife from from a catalogue [they're mostly from Orthodox countries, after all!] of dubious gold-digging status two weeks before ordination?)

*That's either an Orthodox with the Pope, or a Catholic without Latin nor celibacy. Hey, now you known where my handle came from, at least.

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