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What are my odds.. ?

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Re: What are my odds.. ?

Also thank you both for all the suggestions. Is there anything else you would like to add? I'm open to all sorts of possibilities.
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Re: What are my odds.. ?

@translucent wrote:
Excuse the noob-mess. But SP? SL? Can't recall what those stand for, haha. (As you can probably tell I'm not a seasoned credit pro yet also I'm very tired tonight)

SP = Soft Pull, this will not hurt your score as a HP (hard pull)

SL = Starting Limit


If I were you I'll apply for all 3 cards, an Amex, Discover IT and CSP.

Amex has some offers on BCE, sometimes you go to the site and offer $100 plus 10% on dinning, other times $150 plus 10% and once in a while $250 plus 10%. You can use private windows or incognito mode to try to get the better offer. Remember I'm talking about BCE the one without AF.


The 3 cards will not have AF, at least for the first year. If you don't use CSP as much to justify the $95 on second year, you can change it to regular Freedom before the AF hits.


Good luck.

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Re: What are my odds.. ?

Thank you for the insight I appreciate it
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Re: What are my odds.. ?

I personally have quite a few cards and would say that what you should apply for should matter based on what you want to do with your rewards. If you want cashback a Citi DC, Blispay, or other 2% card is pretty good for that. However, if you plan on travelling, a card I see recommended most is the CSP, and recently CSR if you plan on doing at least $300 in travelling each year. If you add in the CFU and the Freedom, you can get a great value. And Visa is commonly accepted, so if you travel to another country, it may be the best group of cards to get. If you dine out alot and spend a bit on entertainment, a Marvel card may be great (it gives a 3% statement credit automatically every month on those purchases, 1% on everything else). And if you want the flexibility to choose categories (from a set list) each quarter, look at the Cash+. And because a lot of people spend a good amount on Amazon, the Amazon Visa gives 3% back (5% if Prime member) as well as 2% on dining, gas, and drugstores, and 1% elsewhere.


My best advice is look at what you spend the most in and pick a card that gives you the most bang for your buck. My biggest warning is don't apply for a card that gives only 1% more in a specific category compared to your other cards, as you will probably spread yourself too thin (signing bonus or benefits may counter this though). And keep in mind redemption amounts and options, as many cards have a $20-25 min, might only be able to be used at a certain store(if a store card), and some (AMEX that I know of) say it doesn't count towards the min payment (so a $25 statement with a $25 redemption credit still requires the $25 to meet the min payment).


My favorite card may be the Discover It as it has good categories usually, no min redemption, has Discover Deals (which can give you another 5%+ back on certain online stores that do change (usually any store on Freedom's version of this is better on Discover), and redeeming for gift cards results in a small extra bonus of $5-10. Just keep in mind that Discover and AMEX tend to still have businesses that won't accept them, so have a Visa/MC as a backup.


Not sure if I really have helped, but I hope it may have provided some insight that you can use.

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Re: What are my odds.. ?

 Yeah for sure.


 I already have a visa credit card through my credit union so I can use that as a back up.  And I am going to get in touch with them sometime later this year or early next year for a CLI Unless they do a SP  then I'll do it in probably a couple months. I'm probably not gonna be doing international travel for at least a year or two. I'm talking nationally for now. Like road trips, some flights and all that jazz. Nothing extravagant. I did get preapproved for the  CSP,  as well as the Discover IT.  Most of my card spending goes toward fuel and food. I'm not really that big in the shopping but I'm sure that will change once I am moved in with my girl. I know as time goes on and I have more accounts under my name I'll do a little bit of everything in terms of using my credit

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Re: What are my odds.. ?

My recommendation is avoid grabbing the CSP until you have a plan to travel as the annual fee is only aaived the first year. It is great if you plan to transfer points to one of their partners or book through them. But otherwise, it is mostly a great international travel card. Better off grabbing the FU to earn 1.5% on everything and get the Preferred when you are going to book travel and know it will be useful. Or get the Freedom if the 5% matches categories you will spend in.

Know that product changing from say the CSP to Freedom makes you unable to get the signup bonus, unlike applying for the card. If by food you mean groceries (not dining), the BCP by AMEX is great with 6% on food and 3% on gas and dept stores. Keep in mind that the annual fee makes this card great only if you spend more than $3200 a year on groceries compared to the BCE (not counting gas/dept stores as other cards can supply 3% or more in these). And most discount stores or wholesale clubs that sell groceries don't get the 6%.

AMEX is also one of the few, if not the only one to provide an upgrade offer (BCE to BCP) that acts as a signup bonus. These offers tend to be not as good as a new application, but doesn't cause a hard pull and you won't have to worry about losing points/cash back if you PC or cancel an annual fee card. Keep in mind AMEX has a once a lifetime policy on signup bonuses for all cards you have/had. So if you downgrade from a BCP to BCE, you wouldn't be able to get either card's signup bonus again. So make sure you signup for one of the better offers.
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Re: What are my odds.. ?

odds are good!
I would pick one or more of the following:
Discover (it)
Amex (bce or bcp)
CU known for CLI (NFCU)

You should be aware Amex doesn't have the best acceptance. Disco hasn't been a problem for me.

Based on what you have said I would go for a card with no AF, best rewards as possible and known to give SP CLI.
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Re: What are my odds.. ?

I'm definitely gonna go with the Discover IT now. I think I'll follow up with an Amex as time goes on Smiley Wink
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Re: What are my odds.. ?

gosh, good scores. have you thought of grabbing the 100k off a csr app in branch before 3/11?  if you get a pre-qual online you should check the same @ the branch assuming you are near one.  if a csp shows up I would pull that pin if it were me.  then again I like the action lol

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Re: What are my odds.. ?

Sadly there are no Chase branches In my state or at least in the metro area
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