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What are the Next Steps?

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What are the Next Steps?

My credits been in the toilet for several years, after being a victim of ID theft, EX and EQ had been good about resolving this matter on my CR, TU has been pewi and slow But I did start rebuilding with of all things a catalog credit card from Grandpointe, (One of those swiss coloney catalogs. Grandpointes the only one that reports to CAs)After 3 months of that, I got Comenity Bank Cards: Express, Buckle, KingSizeDirect, and a few others.


I have 11 accounts all in good standing, I just charge a little eachmonth and pay it off. But now I have over 9 months of rebuildning, My credit scores for all is EX 661, all good and only 1 inquire no baddies,   EQ 619 all good, no baddies but 4 inquires. TU is still 569 5 baddies from the ID theft. They say its frivolis and after filling police reports and FTC report, they still wont remove much, so I froze the credit report.  But anyway I have some excellent rebuilding with just these catalog/store cards. KingSize told me to apply for their Visa after one year, they will do a soft pull and set me a credit limit, aslong as i keep all my credit in good standing. Its not the best but its a start, I know that you need a good mix of good credit to build anything.


 But it can be done, My starting score was only 412 across the board all bad but thats what id theft will do yo ya. So I have littrelly start from a scratch, Its been rough, but I am doing it. After I have all these accounts for 4 years atleast and all the baddies come off of TU, I will try for some good visa/mc cards, But in the mean time these are working out ok. Also Sears has the no credit financing program now, Pay a down payment ofcorse and after that they will report it on all three CAs. Good luck to everyone. Also any advice for me is most appreciated.


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Re: Best Rebuilder Cards

Hi and Welcome to the MyFico Forum!


I hope you dont mind, but I did a little formatting to your post to make it a little more readable, and I created your own thread.


My advice for you would be to continue to keep utilization low and pay off your debt.  You'll see the biggest score boost by keeping all of your credit card accounts at zero.


If you believe that you've been a victim of ID theft, then take a look at my ID theft guide to see if there is any additional information that may be of value to you, as far as getting your reports to include only legit information.



The steps are outlined Here


I went through this with my husband, and we were able to get all of the fraudulent accounts removed from EX, EQ, and TU using the sample letters contained in that thread.

Don't give up on TU just yet, Send them one additional request, and if they don't budge then hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.


If you follow these steps, you can take advantage of the federal laws that are designed to protect you from having this fraud affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.


Best of Luck to you in your situation!




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Re: Best Rebuilder Cards

Thank You for the reply and help. TU finally got all the bad stuff off of their, I called the Consumer Protection Bureau in Madison, WI. They personaly called TU with me on the line also, TU was more than happy to comply, and after the consumer protection agency reminded them of the $1000 fines that were maybe occuring, TU was so happy of be of service. The only things left are a few inquiries, I have sent police reports to those companies and they sent me back letters stating the removal of the inquiries. My credit score is still low, TU 591, EQ 590, i have did all i could do to get my scores better, EX score is 683 (the best). But thats better than 400s and its ok for now. I think I will stay in the garden for another 18 months or so. I cant get a good visa or mastercard anyway with just store card credit records. How ever my King Size credit card told me after 1 year with them then i could get a king size visa account with them. I have 9 months of credit history all good now, just woundering how long does it really take to be where you can get a prime rate good card like chase and citi? Well anyway i will just stay in the garden awhile, Its been a miracle that I got this far after what happened to me. Thanks again.

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