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What card(s) should be in my goals?

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Re: What card(s) should be in my goals?

@HeavenOhio wrote:

@Revelate wrote:

Yeah, setting a garden goal for something you could probably acquire right now if not afoul of 5/24 doesn't seem righteous, and if you're not 5/24 and you want the Freedom I'd just put the app in now and then let everything age together towards that BK dropping off.

If I remember correctly, Chase denies applications when a bankruptcy is on one's report and recon very rarely helps.

Did that change?  I thought Chase 8 years post BK opened back up again even for people who included them in IIB?  I could be misrembering.


Haven't been paying that much attention to underwriting standards but it's a good point regardless.

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Re: What card(s) should be in my goals?

@Revelate, I think it changed last summer.

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