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What card to app for next?

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What card to app for next?

Working on building my credit. Still in school, and can't decide what card to apply for next. Recently opened my 2nd cap1, no hassle cash rewards (500 CL) and a BBRZ (terrible 300 CL).  Looking for a higher limit card. Recently app'd for Chase Freedom and got the dreaded "Need further time to process", and havent got a definitive response yet. I'm thinking a citi card, maybe CitiForward, but I don't want another HP if my chances are slim. As of 8/1 my scores were all mid 640's, but rising. 2 mos ago my TU was only 617.


Any ideas on a good card that might get me a limit higher than $500?

Wallet: American Express ZYNC, Barclaycard Financing Visa, Capital One No Hassle Cash MC

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Re: What card to app for next?

For rebuilding credit, try a Credit Union.  They helped me a lot when I was rebuilding last year.

Starting Score: EQ 606, TU 631
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Re: What card to app for next?

Do you have any negatives or just new thin file?

If no negatives and your util is low, you might be able to squeeze through with an Amex Charge (Gold is free for first year so that is usually my choice, preferred premium gold or whatever it's called)

Citi Forward might be good option also.

otherwise sit tight for 6 months or so and let these age and build your history watching out for your util since low limits

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