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What card would you use in this situation?

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What card would you use in this situation?

Ok I have 3 cobranded hotel cards: Hilton Aspire, Bonvoy and Hyatt. Hilton is my preferred brand so I really only have the others for the free nights.

Now I have a Marriott stay coming up soon and I was trying to decide on whether to use the Citi Premier or the Bonvoy. I went with Marriott because it was cheaper during that time period than hilton. I only have like 417 points with Marriott lol since I just used them all last month.

I’m leaning towards the premier since I could earn TY points and Marriott points. Not to mention, I wouldn’t earn near enough points to get a free night anyways.

What card would you use? Do you all always favor the co branded card if you are staying at that brand or do you use a dedicated travel card such as CSR etc.?
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Re: What card would you use in this situation?

I always use the card that gives me the best results.
In your case I would use the one that will reward you with the most points, the Premier would more than likely be your best bet, especially if you do not stay at Marriott hotels.

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