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What companies combine card limits?

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What companies combine card limits?

I have multiple cards from some of the major issuers and was thinking I'd try to transfer the limit to one card and close the other.  What companies do this, and how long should the cards be open before doing so?

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

Chase, Amex & Barclay do this easily. Citi and us bank is a ymmv situation .

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

Just an FYI, Chase did a HP on my TU when I moved my CL around...

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

In  addition to the posts above, Cap 1 used to combine limits. However, it seems that option is not available right now. People have been told by CSRs that the feature will return. But unless things have chnaged recently, there is no definitive date as to if and when it will happen. 

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

I’ve moved limits with Chase (no HP), Amex, and Bank of America without issue.  Have never tried with Citi as they’re usually very generous with me anyway.  I’ve read on this here forum of Discover allowing such but I think there are some requirements that have to be met.  As far as credit unions I’ve been able to move limits around with PenFed and while I’ve never moved any Navy limits around I’ve recently read around these here parts that you can combine with them as well.  

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

Citi required a HP via EO for me, and the account must be at least 12 months old that you are moving it from, I was told.
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What banks allow & dont Credit Line consolidating

I rather just take too cards from one lender & combine into one but i need too no who allows this 

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

Discover allows, i have moved 25k with chase no HP.

EDIT: Discover has to be open 90 Days.


Not sure on Chase.


I have asked at Citibank, NO! HUCA NO!, HUCA NO!

Citi Will do a product change @ 1year. certain conditions apply.

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Re: What companies combine card limits?

Doesn’t Disco require the receiving card to be eligible for a CLI or is that just for a partial reallocation?

NFCU will let you reallocate limits but they don’t like people closing a card and combining the full limit with another one — your success in getting that done is YMMV.
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Re: What companies combine card limits?

I told you I did it with Citibank successfully through the executive office but it requires a hard pull @ Equifax. And it requires the account be more than a year old that you’re pulling the limit from, that you’re reallocating from.
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