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What do you all think of my credit card usage plan?

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Re: What do you all think of my credit card usage plan?

@longtimelurker wrote:

If groceries are $2,400 a year, the BCE is probably a little better than the BCP.


BCE earns $72, BCP earns $144 - $95 = $49.   Since you have a better gas card, the difference there doesn't matter, so it's whether the extra 1% on "select department stores" is significant (needs $2300 spending there)



 I would echo this point. If you don't spend close to the 6k spend a year on groceries then it is probably better to just get the BCE. I just did some quick numbers, but it's around 3400 a year in groceries for the BCP to pull ahead in Cashback over the BCE. I would almost say that if you aren't going to spend that much on groceries get the BCE and then in the future if your grocery spend increases significantly, just PC to the preferred at that time.

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