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What exactly is Adverse action?

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Re: What exactly is Adverse action?

killer_queen229 wrote:

I've read that Barclay and Amex definitely does it.

Any creditor can take AA.  It's not exclusive to just certain creditors.  Criteria for AA can vary by creditor.

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Re: What exactly is Adverse action?

enharu wrote:
Since you racked up a number of inquiries and new accounts, its best to avoid having extremely high balances report on multiple cards in the same month. And make payments in full preferably. Last but not least, avoid applying for anymore credit in the near future obviously.

That will for the most part avoid most causes of FR and AA.

for me this is what i am worried about. when i went on my binge last month, i went for several cards with 0% bt offers ranging from 12-18 months. then from there, i decided which cards i would use the balance transfer offers from. as it stands right now, I did a bt 12/31 on my Discover Miles for $4k and no bt fees. i've had this card for several years now but did request a cli so i can take the bt offer. then on my CU card that i got last month, i did a bt transfer on that for a total of $7.4K including the bt fee. both have already reported. these were all debts i had that my brother was kind enough to bt to his cc because he had 0% promotion last summer. but that's neither here nor there.

Chase already softed me beginning of the month. that time none of the new accounts showing up yet, but for sure they know that i applied for a bunch of cc's. then Amex softed me on 01/04. they saw some of the new accounts reporting already including the balance i mentioned above. I haven't seen Barclays peeking around yetSmiley Very Happy

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