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What happen to Barclay's ring mastercard?

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Re: What happen to Barclay's ring mastercard?


My Ring mastercard was open in July of 2017 with a zero percent balance transfer offer for 15 months with any trans action fees. Balance transfers are at regular intrest rate which is 15.5 percent with out any transaction fee. I also have the old uber visa card which allowed balance transfer or direct deposit into your checking account with a 3 percent transaction fee for 15 months, both cards don't have this feature any more.

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Re: What happen to Barclay's ring mastercard?

I had been using my Ring card for small balance transfers (to pay off after getting the rewards on another card) since I got mine in 2017. Back in June I got a hard copy updated T/C's, and it had a part that said they may close inactive accounts for non-use, I had never seen that before. But I didn't get an actual warning. Then on July 1st, I got an email offering a $20 statement credit for $300 spend each month for July, August, and September. So I paid off the last of a balance transfer and put exactly 301.00 on there the first week of July, no credit yet. How I got mines was by combining a Frontier Airlines card and an American Airlines Aviator card into the Ring card, otherwise I no longer had any use for either cards but didn't want to lose the credit limits. At the time the Ring card wasn't available to apply for, but the rep didn't hesitate when I asked to combine and PC my cards. Now that I can't transfer in balances to revolve down, I really have no use for what is my biggest limit card. The statement credits will make me use the card through September, but unless the balance transfers come back I will have zero use for the card. Oh, when I got the card, I got a "floor rate" of 8.99v.

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