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What have you been approved for recently?

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Re: What have you been approved for recently?

I"m keeping my hands off the button until summer of 09. I have a lot of inquirys that I need to disappear before I apply again.
I'm finally learning the credit game. My Experian credit score is 525, and Equifax is 599, not to much to apply for with those scores.
My TU score is 629, and have only 10 inquiries, plus three new accounts. Even though the score is fair, automatic denial for those other reasons I mentioned.
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Re: What have you been approved for recently?

bamagirl1 wrote:
what are your scores like? and congrats on your new cards, great limits..i too filed bk and i just like seeing and knowing what i can look forward too..i filed 2004 so i'm a ways behind you, you are over the hump and i'm sure some of your accts that show iib will start falling off even though the bk public record is still on...congrats!

Thanks! If anyone had said that I'd be approved for credit limits like those, I would have thought they were crazy! My scores were EQ-664 EX-674 and TU-667. As of today, with updated reporting since I'd paid down my balances, my EQ is 673 (and that's with the inquiries) and EX is 709 - that big jump is because the $5,000 card is already showing and it dropped my utilization down to 29%.

My goal is to see my scores firmly in mid-700's. We're hoping to buy a house after I do my graduate degree (grad in 2010) so we want things as good as possible.

It's not only possible to recover post-bk, but it's possible to do even better than pre-bk. This forum is teaching me so much! And the support is fantastic!

Starting Score: EQ 622, TU 676, EX 643 (mtg lender pulls) 2/1/12
Current Score: EQ 743, TU 775 (6/18 MyFico), EX 722 (per CITI approval letter 6/29/12 pull)
Goal Score: New goal: 760+ on all 3

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Re: What have you been approved for recently?

American DreamCard (HSBC) received card today - $5000

I also applied for Cap One on the same day - no reply from them yet (they pulled all 3 reports)


TU: 718

EX: 663

EQ: 689


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Re: What have you been approved for recently?

6/13 I was approved for Sears MasterCard (the HSBC not the Citi one) while shopping at Sears.  Fortunately, I did get the one with no AF.  Only $300 limit though. 


6/21 approved for Sears Charge Plus (through Citibank go figure) for $1,800 limit

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Starting Scores 10/12: EQ 460 (FICO)/TU 502 (FAKO)/EX 474 (FAKO)
(7/14): EQ 572 (FICO)/TU 624 (FICO)/ EX 612 (FICO)

Current (2016): EQ 605 (FICO)/TU 657 (FICO)/EX 646 (FICO)

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