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What hurts you more?


What hurts you more?

What do you think hurts your score more?  Having multiple late payments or going into a debt management plan?  So far I have no latest but I might if I start to take a serious look at paying down my debt?


I was thinking of making the minimum on my cards , if I can, but making multiple copies of a particular card's statement, say 3,  and making 3 payments a month on it.  This might be a way to aggressively reduce a balance.


I do understand that this might affect other CC though?   Or do you think it may cost me more in the long run because of late fees, etc.


These are all just thoughts out loud... :0

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Re: What hurts you more?

The credit guru's here could give you more help if you gave more info on each account.


Your balances/limits, APR's, and what kind of card for starters.  And maybe how much you have each month to put towards your debt.

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