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What is BoA's niche market for the Premium Rewards card with Cash Rewards card's higher 3% on travel

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Re: What is BoA's niche market for the Premium Rewards card with Cash Rewards card's higher 3% on tr

@Aim_High wrote:

@KELSTAR wrote:   In my research and YMMV but the AMEX Platinum card buries all the rest of travel cards.

In some respects, you are correct but AMEX Platinum is not the end-all travel card for every profile.  It depends on how you travel, how often you travel, how you redeem rewards, and your priorities on a card's benefits and rewards.   I'm not saying that Platinum is not the best card for you but I like to respond to any claims that it always buries all the other travel cards.  It doesn't for everyone in every situation.


AMEX Platinum is a great card for frequent fliers.  It's primarily all about the air travel ...



@Turbobuick wrote:

There's more to BofA travel rewards and premium rewards cards than airfare.

Here's a complete list of qualifying purchases.

Absolutely and yes there is a lot more to it! Smiley Happy  I appreciate cards like Premium Rewards or other "travel" cards that don't just focus primarily on air travel.


While the thread topic is about the Bank of America Premium Rewards card, my posting above about it being "all about airfare" was replying to @KELSTAR's side-comment about AMEX Platinum "burying all the other travel cards" and had nothing to do with the benefits of Premium Rewards.  Sorry if that was confusing to put that in this thread. 



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