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What is easiest Chase visa to qualify for?

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Re: What is easiest Chase visa to qualify for?

TNTransplant wrote:

MountainHiker wrote:

MontegoMack wrote:

I wonder if it was a hard pull on recon...

she just said it was a soft pull. she even got that to her advantage.



Not laughing at you, MH, but you certainly have a way with words.  I've read the whole thread and was laughing so hard by the end - the way you've described it has given me quite the visual... Smiley Very Happy


Keep your chin up - when that collection drops off your reports next Spring you could likely get whatever you want, and with good limits, too. Smiley Happy


Join us in the garden thread and hold off for a little longer.  If you need inspiration and want to know what gardening (until the collection drops off) will do for you, search for tinuviel's thread about getting her new cards - that will inspire you.

Trust me! She is getting a even bigger chuckle out of it. Giggling and laughing like a school girl.I'm sensing sibling rivalry here,on her part. I know for a fact I would have gotten the Citi card if not for this collection.Chase told me point blank the one collection is the reason for the denial.Everyone is getting credit cards but we leppers. Thanks for the pep talk I needed it. Ok,where is that self help book on positive thinking.

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