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What is so especial about America Express?

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Re: What is so especial about America Express?

I was approved for an AmEx card for a big.....$1,000 cl.  I had been turned down by them in the past and I finally had their approval.  Since reading all about the FR;s that they are giving, no, I have nothing to hide on HHI, in fact it is less than stated on the app, I just do not feel that any ccc has the right to ask for a FR unless it is the IRS.  I have given my time and years to defend our country because I wanted to, and reported to basically the Government, because they said I had to.  I would love to re-up with the military to defend our country, but, I am not a young one anymore. As for AmEx, in my opinion, they have no business inquiring into my finances.  I do not owe them any proof of what I now make as a civilian!  I will/am closing my account with them.  They have not even given me the courtesey (sp) after an inq on my cr's of reporting an open account on my cra's.  I am sure that they will not report the new account until I purchase something.  Well, guess what AmEx, do not hold your breath.  You will not hurt my scores if I  close your acccount without using it.  Thank you all for letting me vent alot.  Also, I would like to say "Thanks to all of the great people (noone here is little in my opinnion) who have helped me to correct my past mistakes in the right way, and thus has led me to a better future with my credit.  Thank you so much MyFico, and others.
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