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What is the approval criteria for discover now a days?

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Re: What is the approval criteria for discover now a days?

No, Discover was not included in BK but I believe I have seen others report in this forum that they received Cards with them after including in BK.


Search the forum and I'm sure you'll find threads where this is mentioned.  There is also a BK friendly companies thread here somewhere also.


Good luck!


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Re: What is the approval criteria for discover now a days?

Hi Vee, I am very familiar with Henderson, I actually work in the area. It is kind of scary that you go all over the world just to meet someone in your own back yardSmiley HappyMy BK was filed in 05 but discharged in Feb of 06, so it's just a little over 3 yrs old. How did you get your BK's removed after only 8 yrs. Was it a 7?

These are the cards that I currently have.


Orchard initial limit was 400 now 1000 opened in 06

I just closed another Orchard this week that was secured for 250.00 opened in 07

Hooters initial cl 1000 now 1800 opened in 07

Cap 1 initial cl 750 now 2,050. opened in 07

Target cl 200 opened in 07 (we all know this may never change)


I just apped for 2 more cards this year 1/09

Cap 1 for a better limit because the card I have tops out at 3000. I got the platinum one for good credit the limit can go up to 15,000. They gave me a lousy 500 cl with 0 interest for the first year and bal transfer no AF,   but credit steps kick in, in a couple of months for 500 more and at seven months for another 500 and when I get all I can I'll combine the two. I tried calling after my 2nd statement to request an increase but was denied.

Walmart cl 400


When I apped for the last two cards, all my cards were maxed out I payed off Target and Orchard secured, and payed all the rest of my cards down to just under half. I'm working on paying all of them off in the next couple of months to maximize my score. I was layed off for 11 months and basically used my cards to live off of. I BK'ed Providian so they wont give me anything I asked them because I have a Wamu account, and they said they inherited all of the Providian debt as well. I haven't thought about Juniper/Barclays, but I do want to get a card with a higher limit sometime next year. I have never been late on anything in over 3 years since I filed the BK. I've been a customer of US bank for over 15 years but I don't think they will give me a card because I included them in my BK for a mortgage. I can't wait until I can get some "Prime" cards. All of these cards I acquired by reading the BK friendly cards thread. Thank you Fico familySmiley Wink

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Re: What is the approval criteria for discover now a days?

Good Morning..windy,windy, huh?


I'm really not sure how long out of BK you have to be before Discover will approve you for a card....maybe some others here will chime in.


Your scores look good and you've done a great job of getting some decent CLs. If your EQ report looks good other than the BK maybe you might want to check out the Alliant Credit Union threads here...I believe I saw where one member was just approved for a $10K CC through them and he/she had a much more recent BK than yours.


My BK was Chap.13 dismissed...harder to get removed from EQ than a discharged BK. TU and EX removed it after 7 yrs...EQ says 10 yrs...7 yrs for discharged BK.

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