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What is the best 5% cash back card out there.


Re: What is the best 5% cash back card out there.

ukimafija wrote:

HiLine wrote:
And where is Discover More on that list? Smiley Wink

Most of the time Discover More and Chase Freedom have the same categories, + Discover only gives 0.25 for the first 3k spent where Freedom + Checking gets you ~1.11% outside 5% categories  that is why i did not put discover, but the real closer is the Cash+  that makes me serious CB - the smallest you get is 1.25 points with gold checking acc so Discover is not needed at all.

For me there is no category that I am gonna spend enough to redeem outside the categories  these 3 cards  already cover - almost everything for general use

Two cards having the same bonus categories essentially double up the bonus cap. And most of the time these cards' categories are not exactly the same. And don't forget that the Forward and the Freedom can have ovelapped bonus categories too.


Discover's customer service is top notch - equivalent to Amex which charges a hefty annual fee on most of their cards.


For the first 3k non-bonus category spending, More gives you $7.5, while Freedom with checking gives $33.3, an advantage of about $28, and PenFed will give $30, an advantage of about $23.  Beyond that, the difference between the Discover More and the Freedom is 0.11%, meaning each 10k spending will result in merely a $11 difference. Between the More and the PenFed, the difference is zero. 


And I'm pretty sure PenFed doesn't offer an awesome cash back site like the Ultimate Rewards Mall or the Shopdiscover.


The More's bonus categories this quarter are very relevant to most customers' interests: online shopping and department store purchases. I find it hard not to exceed the cap on these...



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Re: What is the best 5% cash back card out there.

Don't get me wrong Discover is a great card, and about these two categories -  department store purchases with Cash+ you would have 5.25% with gold checking without the cap, 5% for online spending is good, but still for me personally, i would mostly buy something at electronics store or similar which I already have covered with cash+ categories
Shopdiscover -  that is where you can make a difference and it pays off if you shop a lot (I don't), but like i said, I only picked 3 cards for general use, of course we are all gonna have our own spending habbits that are different and you should always get the cards that fit your needs best.
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