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What is the best way

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What is the best way

What is the best way to dispute a credit card on my report? Looks like an Orchard HSBC card.

I don't recognize it or recall having one.  I know there are many cards you can apply for and get online..???

Thank You!!

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Re: What is the best way

Hi Holhat


There is usually a phone number assoicated with the account that you can call.. Call and find out who it is. 


You dont want to dispute a good account and have it come off your report.


However, if there isn't a number than i would call up the CRA and find out before disputing.


There is a thread sticky at the top of this forum with the CRA's phone numbers.


Hope this helps and keep us updated

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Re: What is the best way

If there are no baddies on the card, and if it is older than your AAoA (average age of accounts), chances are it's helping rather than hurting.
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