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What is your suggestion

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What is your suggestion

I have several cards and am thinking of scaling down the use of the cards and focus on few and push transactions.  I am thikning of sticking to this order. Let me know what you guys think. I want to do PIF every month and do not carry balance any longer. 


1. Amex Platinum Charge Card. (This will get Lions share of my business assuming vendors accepts it)

2. Chase Visa ( I have Freedom / BA but hoping to get a single card with large CL and stick to it)

3. Barclays MasterCard. ( I just got the JetBlue Visa with high interest rate. Hoping they will reduce the interest and also increase the CL to make it meaningful)

4. Discover ( My trusted and reliable long term friend)


I am going to carry these 4 cards in the wallet and all other cards I am going to run through marginal or minimal business and keep them alive. I have PenFed, Cominity, CapitalOne, PNC and several other Visa/MC cards. I want to scale down the use of cards and limit to a few.


Is it a good decsion or am I shooting in my own foot?


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