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What's Capital One's Deal?

What's Capital One's Deal?

My cap one with 300 limit I get no love.


My girlfriends cap one goes from 300 to 1800? She tells me today, "oh by the way, my Capital one is showing I have an 1800 limit." All non-chalant-like. She doesn't even care as much as I would have.


UGH. I'm happy for her honestly i am.... Smiley Mad

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

Ok I think it's time for me to log out. I'm worrying way to much about credit and credit limits these days. Two weeks ago I didn't even care what my limits were. Ha ha.

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

These things happen. Some people get approved for 300 and never increase, some get approved for 300 and go to 3k.

If your card is in good standing and you've had it for a bit you can contact the EO for a cli.
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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

I have been putting 300-400 a week through my $500 dollar limit cash rewards card hoping they will auto CLI my card to higher what they initially stated. Capital one said my card is enrolled in credit steps, but I only qualify for a $200 dollar increase Smiley Sad

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

There really is no rhyme or reason to how they determine what they do.

They denied me for a secured card when i had no history, but then later (still with no history) approved me for a 3k plat mc, then PCd me to a cash rewards card with no af, and then i got my credit steps increase to 3500.

The company really makes no sense to me.
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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

I just noticed on my credit report that they say my account was in dispute and now resolved.  I think they don't make any sense at all.  I think they consider the fact that I sent a BBB complaint about them that it meant I was disputing.  However, that is neither the spirit or meaning of dispute for credit bureau reporting.  My BBB complaint had nothing to do about the balance or transactions, but the fact after 2 years I had never been given a CLI.  Maybe they are hoping I will notice this and close the account or it makes them look better that they resolved it.

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

Cap1 is like a box of chocolates.....

You never know what your gonna get!!!

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

Capital One is trying to transition from the subprime to prime credit card users. 


They have excelled and built a financial empire on offering credit to high risk borrowers. This is the business they know best (just as charge cards is the one Amex knows best), and many of their systems and characteristics are still based on the high risk card user.  While they're trying to offer prime cards (the Venture series), many of the systems and fail safes for their subprime business is still imprinted on their higher tiered cards.


I'd imagine they can fix this over time, but with a company this large, it's going to take some time before they have the processed refined.

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Re: What's Capital One's Deal?

Capitalone is only good to start the rebuiding procces.Thats it. Anything else will be a lotary whos winner is uknown,eitherway you gain something.Credit history.

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