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What's Next?

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Re: What's Next?

What do you consider high limit? If it’s $10K, I suggest another NFCU card (Visa/MC). Since you only have 2 cards and with NFCU being the highest, IMHO I don't believe another lender will give you a much higher limit than that because it’s common knowledge that NFCU knocks it out of the ballpark when it comes to SLs.

Just my 2cents.

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Re: What's Next?

Care to elaborate "transportation", "travel", and "entertainment"?


Wells Fargo Propel seems like a good candidate as it has good coverage of those three, especially transportation and travel. Entertainment, however, is limited to streaming services. Also note that this uses the Amex network.

Earn 3x points on2
Eating out and ordering in; 
Gas, rideshares, and transit; 
Flights, hotels, homestays, and car rentals; 
Popular streaming services. 

Chase (and a couple of other banks) also has a good definition of "travel", which includes "transportation".

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Re: What's Next?

They just upgraded my Amex - seems like it covers a lot of this.

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