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What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

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What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

I was "preapproved" for a Orchard Bank Mastercard only to get declined when I went through with the hard pull!


The reason was: "We recently approved you for an HSBC account"


I was NOT aware that one could only have ONE card through HSBC....WHY DIDN'T THEY LET  THIS BE KNOWN IN THE PREAPPROVAL????


SO I called them to try and recon or get them to take the hard pull back with no luck!!!!


Have anyone else had this problem???

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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

is your other card a secured card or $79AF one? I beleive i read you must have card for 18 months if they put you in a certain tier
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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

BOA will do this too. 
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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

Happened to me too, OP. I started with a partially secured Orchard (500/600) last year. Within a couple months, my score had jumped and decided to app for an HSBC after DW had received one, only to get rejected for the same.
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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

heirophant wrote:
BOA will do this too. 


Actually I found 1 solitary post in here of someone who had a fully secured card. After a few (5-6) months, the poster appd for an unsecured CC and was approved. I was shocked when I read it.


I was approved for two 99/500 offers in the same week for two different BofA CCs. I accepted one, waited for my $99 to clear and went to accept the other only to hear back that I already had sufficient credit with them.

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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

I just got my HSBC card about 2 months ago. It does have a $59 AF so I'm assuming that you would have to have it for 18 months before you are elgible for another card through Orchard or HSBC. 


I'm not sure though, the rep told me to apply again in 16 months which will make the total time 18 months!....Yea right!...Hopefully by that time I will be on Prime status and will not have to deal with any subprime cards again!!!!

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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

You must be INVITED to get a 2nd card with HSBC (Orchard, HSBC, Household bank) there are hundreds of posts about this in the fora.


This used to NOT be the case-


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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

Yes that was me. I got the 99/500 in Oct 07 and in May 08 I applied for Worldpoints MC and got approved for 5,000.00 then auto increase on line 8,600.00 then called in and got increased to 10,000.00 where I stand now and will stay Smiley Happy My 99/500 was increased at 9 mos to 1,000.00 then I called in and got increase to 5,000.00 where it will stay Smiley HappySmiley Wink
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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

Oh, that sucks! Boo to Orchard. Smiley Mad


Maybe try to the GW them about the pull.


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Re: What's With Orchard Bank!!!!!!!

The same thing happened to me.  I was approved for the Orchard Card and the next day I was also approved for a HSBC card.  When I went back to check the status of the Orchard card I was declined  because I got approved for the HSBC card.  It was a 300.00 limit with a 59.00 AF.  I decided to cancel it when I got approved with my credit union for 2000.00 and best buy 2000.00.
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