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What's a good card for balance transfers?

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What's a good card for balance transfers?

Hi all!


I have a few cards that the 6 month 0% promo will be expiring next month. The rates will jump pretty high (24%) but thankfully the balances total only to about $5K total. I opted out on getting any CC offers last fall when I was in the process of buying my house and am just now starting to receive a few, but nothing that has really caught my eye. According to my most recent SW, I'm sitting at about 651, with my util affecting me the most...overall I'm at about 61%. I know paying off this 5K will definitely help me, since I have no other negatives on my CR's (finally!), but can pay it off much faster if I can transfer those balance over to a 0% card.


Any suggestions on what I might try given my score and all above info?? TIA!

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Re: What's a good card for balance transfers?

Remember even with 0% bt offers, there is usually a bt fee of 2-3% which gets charged right away.  Also, remember with some 0% bt offers, if you don't pay off before period is done, you need to backdate the interest on the card on remaining balance.  Chase, Citibank, discover all have 12+ month 0% bt offers.  However bt fee will apply.  Credit unions might offer some 0 bt fee offers and relatively low interest rate.  For example my local cu has 0 bt fee and the visa is around 7%.  With most 0% bt offers having 3% bt fee, if Papuan on paying down within 6 months, it is cheaper to go with the 7% credit union card.

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Re: What's a good card for balance transfers?

Hey!  With such a high utility it mightAbe a challenge to get approved for a card with the limit you need.  My sis was in the same boat and had to app 2 cards at 0% to transfer her balances.  Not recommending this just providing info.  Anyway, there are several different great cards out there right now.  Few that come to mind:  citi diamond 15 mo 0%, citi simplicity 15 mo 0%, chase freedom 15 mo 0%(100 cash back), discover more (both 15/18 mo 0%).  Check out nerd wallet.  They list and compare a lot of great offers.  NFCU will approve for a high limit but you may not get the balance transfer offer at opening.  Good Luck!

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