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What's in my wallet!!??

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What's in my wallet!!??

Cap 1 that's who!! Executive office called back and bumped me to 2k. Wish i would have kept my oldest account with them open as I probably would have got a bigger jump.  I was conservative in my request taking my current high-low limits in consideration. Navy being 8k, Freedom 1k. I asked for 1200 min 3k max figuring somewhere in the middle was a vast improvement.  If they keep this up they really could become a premier company serving all types of credit. Barclay's was the only place I could convince to get me over that 1k hump, but if cap 1 becomes a big player in that 620-660 FICO range with dinged reports other providers will follow.  Kinda like the old GM mo. start em out in a chevy and progress to a cadillac.  Interested in what Chase does in 5 months for me. 


NFCU Cash Rewards 20,000,NFCU Plat 17,000, NavCheck 15,000, USAA Cash 4,000, USSA Rate Adv 2,000, USAA AMEX 3,500, Freedom 2,000, Capital One 2,000, Barclay's Apple 1,500, Barclay's Ring 1500, Various Store Cards.

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