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What's "seriously delinquent" to Chase

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Re: What's "seriously delinquent" to Chase

bahbahd wrote:

When I applied I had freezes on all my CR.  I called, and had unfroze EQ.  Got denied.  Then reconned 3 more times and had them pull TU since I had the collections removed from only that CR. 

Did you pay for the freeze on EX and EQ? I pay for their credit monitoring services and they want $10 to freeze my account. I can freeze TU with a click.

Yes, I froze all 3 and pay $10 each time I unfreeze as well.  I have had identity theft and fraud activity on my accounts so its worth it to me to keep my information private by paying $10 here and there. 

09/2013: TU FICO 692, EQ FICO 698, EX PLUS 709. No apps until December 2014!
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