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What's so great about CSP?

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Re: What's so great about CSP?

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09Lexie wrote:
So you say! Smiley Wink

LOL. I know I have no credibility right now. But I really don't; maybe a PC if it makes sense financially! Smiley Wink

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Re: What's so great about CSP?

RhubarbPie wrote:

You can also use your points for cashback if you really want to (but they lose so much value that way, vs transferring them to airlines or hotels), but as others have said, you can also transfer your points from your Freedom to your CSP, and then to travel partners which is really quite nice. There is no AF the first year, and if after the first year, you don't find that you're getting any benefit from the card, you can downgrade to the no-fee version or just cancel it altogether.



This, and the 40K bonus, which is $400 cash, even if one weren't interested in travelling.  

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