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What's so great about Chase?

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
For the fico of me, im trying to understand whats so great about Chase? 5/24 , UR's, and wants your soul, FEED ME SEYMOUR! Smiley Wink

You're just bullet proof, ain't ya!  Smiley LOL

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

Happy Friday all.

Just a PSA...let's keep the discourse of this thread civil and on topic, please.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

Lol, Discover is a $1,500 x 4 = $6,000 card other than that useless

        CO = 3x HP for cards / other than subs their travel cards suck

        Citi = TYP suck and so don't transfer partners / 4th night free got killed

        Barclays = products suck - AA red good for a year.  New account sensitive

        BOA = Meh

        US Bank = Meh

        Synchrony = AA

        All cashback cards suck........Travel cards gives you a better return, so all you cashback cardholders get out and travel and have some                    fun.....


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Re: What's so great about Chase?

Lets just say when they open a branch here in nashville in the next month or two the majority of my direct deposit will be switched to Chase (obviously savings will be in a different account not earning crudtistic returns).  I heart the UR program..  Although MR is strong as well and starting to earn alot of those.  Just the UR's are more flexible either cash back a .1cpp or obviously more on travel using CSR, etc..   Just hoping to get on their pre-approval list for other cards then their core cards when they finally open a branch here in the not to near future.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

They've moved up in my estimation recently.  Let me explain.  For several years I've wanted a Southwest Card.  I travel alot for work and we are required to use a personal credit card and then be reimbursed through expense report.  Because of past credit issues, until this past spring all I could get was predatory cards which made my work travel difficult.  Fast forward to some hard work and finding you guys here.  Scores improved and I was approved for several prime cards through an app spree in April.  I had not done my homework thoroughly though and I applied for my Southwest card at the end of that app spree, when realistically I was LOL/24.  By some miracle I was approved.  Then, taking advice from all of the gurus here, I "cooled my jets", and waited for possible AA.  I used my new cards, earned my subs, but kept my utilization reasonable and paid in full (especially my Southwest), except two which are zero percent balance transfers.  That was four months ago.  During that time, Discover, AMEX, CITI, Sychrony have all said no go to CLI.  Navy has said yes, but with a corresponding hard pull.  I've never asked Chase because I've heard they are hard pulls and I've not wanted to poke that bear.  However, out of the blue, yesterday I receive an email from Chase informing me they have increased my credit limit....So, while Navy is still tops with me, Chase is currently running a close second!Smiley Wink

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:

@redpat wrote:

Say it ain't so Joe, always pushing the envelope.......


The thing is you need to complain about something in order to start a thread like this.

Lol, i did, they want your soulSmiley Wink.  I just find it funny how Chase seems to want to be your only cc provider and even when you do so , they can often find some excuse to close your accounts.  Smiley Wink

Maybe, your view is skewed because of this forum. If they were really as bad as people make them out to be here, the general public wouldn't have anything to do with them and they would go out of business. The fact is, they're one of the largest banks in the world and you don't get that big by randomly shutting down people's accounts.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

If the UR program works for you, it can be pretty good.  Key features:


1) "Safety" of 1cpp cash redemption if all else fails, and 1.5cpp with CSR for travel  (MR does better for cash only if you have the CS Plat)

2) Very generous definition of travel on CSR for $300 credit

3) Overrated but still, Freedom 5x UR worth 7.5% with CSR for travel on portal

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

Yeah totally with you AJC....banked with chase for years, still use checking, but CC have been downgraded and cut....I think only FU and F are left in the stable. UR's are only "wonderful" IF you like the transfer partners....I don't and have no use for them, so I always laugh when good minded people tell others UR's are SO VALUABLE...that is in the eye of the beholder, if I can't use the partners they are NOT VALUABLE......the 5/24 thing is annoying when it comes to co-branded and I get that I am 1% of clients out there and chase could care less about just me. I just move on to a better bank that aligns with my "travel partners".

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

Ahhhh AJC

Honestly, IMHO, I think that question can apply to every single credit card out there and also can apply in reverse, “What’s so bad about (fill in the card)?

Now, I got mad at Chase in 2018 when they denied me a Chase Freedom with a FICO 804 because of 5/24, so I closed my Chase FU and Slate. I was upset because the only reason I applied was because I had green checkmarks.

Now more than a year later—as Mr Big told Carrie in Sex in the City 2–I’m all grown up now. So I’m not upset anymore. I’ve gotten it out of my system. So in April 2020 when I’m 1/24, I will apply for the CSP because I plan on doing a lot of traveling, and a Chase branch is opening its doors in my neck of the woods.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

The Amazon Visa card, Sapphire cards & their mortgage rates are pretty good.


The Freedom is knock off of the Discover IT & the Unlimited is pretty mediocore.

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