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What's so great about Chase?

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

@creds wrote:

the only good cards chase has is the freedom card with the 5% rotating categories exactly like a discover card, and their card for the discount on amazon and wholefoods market. honorable mention for the aarp card, but thats it. their other cards don't look so great. why exactly would you want to pay a $500 fee on their other cards?

You obviously are a cash back value consumer who either doesn’t travel or prefers straight cash over points or travel redemptions. There is nothing wrong with that and it is right for many people. But instead of saying “the only good cards Chase has”, say “the only cards that Chase has that are a good fit for me are ...”.


We all have our preferences. For those of us who travel and use points, we get a LOT more value back on Ultimate Rewards or Member Rewards travel points than you can ever get on straight cash back cards. But if you don’t travel enough or dine out enough, they aren’t appropriate for your needs and cash cards are better. Chase has awesome travel cards. Their cash back cards are not stellar, as you said. Stick with what works for you but recognize we are all different and find different value in different cards. 


*Chase Sapphire Reserve is $450 (not $500) and then you get back the first $300 in statement credits that you charge for travel plus many other benefits that greatly reduce the cost if you simply travel and use the card.  Once you do the math, they not only cost little to carry for the right person, but they offer great travel benefits and sometimes actual savings well beyond the annual fees. 

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

I only go where the card is that I want/need. I used Chase for the CSP to get primary rental car coverage and the SUB for a 2 week vacation. My 1 year hit in July and I downgraded it to the no AF Sapphire since they did not want to give a retention offer (I tried).

Currently, I won't be using any of my Chase cards. I'll be working on Hilton points with AMEX and any non-catagory spending will go on my 2% credit union card or travel to my BoA PR (kept that one going for the $100 credit).

Nothing wrong with Chase.... they just aren't doing anything for me at the moment. However, if I decide to go Marriott at some point, I'll be forced to use Chase since they have the $95 AF card.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

I have never had a problem with Chase - only thing that is "strange" in my opinion is that my $11,200 CL Freedom Unlimited is not a Signature, scores in the 780's - certainly not the end of the world and i'd certainly consider them if i was looking for another card.

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

@chrisw1968uk wrote:

I have never had a problem with Chase - only thing that is "strange" in my opinion is that my $11,200 CL Freedom Unlimited is not a Signature, scores in the 780's - certainly not the end of the world and i'd certainly consider them if i was looking for another card.

Interesting, my CFU has a $6k limit and it's a Signature.  When did you get yours?  Maybe they only started issuing them as siggys more recently.


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Re: What's so great about Chase?

$5k is the usual threshold for Signature on Chase cards, but it's not always automatic. You could call and ask for it if you want, though tbh I've never seen anything that useful in the VS benefits. The good benefits tend to come from the issuer and often involve payment of an AF.
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Re: What's so great about Chase?

I don't know who is going around saying Chase is great. I don't know any credit card company that I would consider great. Chase as an institution is pretty lousy. Some of their card products are decent though. I ike the CSR for lounge access because the priority pass memberships includes some airport restaurants (a feature that was removed from the amex version). I really like the old style ink cards with the x5 categories. The freedom with rotating x5 category is also good. The CSR gives me a bonus on travel expenses. Unfortunatly due to travel partner devaluations the Chase URs aren't as valuable as they once were. Other than the above categories almost all my spend goes to Amex. Chase has been in a steady decline still not as bad as citi though.  Some of their co-brand cards can be alright, but nothing is great anymore. 

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Re: What's so great about Chase?

I'm saying Chase is great. Smiley Happy


@red259 wrote:

I don't know who is going around saying Chase is great.


Wasn't always this way. Lessons learned.
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Re: What's so great about Chase?

From the outside looking in, I think the CSR is an amazing card if you travel at all. I mean, a long weekend at Myrtle Beach would do it. You just need to spend $300 on travel and at that point, it's effectively a $150 annual fee, with all that the card offers. If you travel more, the value only increases due to lounge access and other benefits.


The CSP has some similar traits but with lower rewards and less risk of eating a $450 annual fee if you forget to use the right card for your travel booking.


I would love to have one of those cards (haven't decided which, probably CSR) but I'm over 5/24 until summer 2021.


I also would like to add a Freedom Unlimited, although I don't think it's groundbreaking, since I already have a rotating 5% Discover.


As for what's great about Chase as a company ... I have no idea, I've never really dealt with them. They are a stable company you can expect to be around for a long time, and I would expect a solid level of professionalism, but that's just speculation.



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