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What's up with Credit One

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Re: What's up with Credit One

@UncleB wrote:

@core wrote:

@DamianV wrote:
Maybe they're trying to do some legit stuff now?

Interesting thought.  Suppose they came out with ONE or two decent cards.  5 years from now, are there going to be a bunch of users saying "Credit One is not subprime!"?  Before you laugh, that is precisely what happened with another company with the same initials.  That leopard has not changed its spots as far as I'm concerned.

It is an interesting thought.  Smiley Happy


I'll just add that "prime" and "sub-prime" are subjective on here, but if Credit One were to come out with a card that had a super-low APR, a high credit line, and some other nice perks I wouldn't care what anybody called it, I would probably check it out.


I've never been one for 'peer pressure'... seriously, the issuer could be the First Bank of Hell with underwriting by Satan himself but if the card had the right terms (and wasn't too hot to hold) I would give it a look.  whistle.gif

LOL, I would not go that far, bad news for this company (satan) around 2060 Smiley Tongue.

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Re: What's up with Credit One

@mountaindewvoltage wrote:

@disdreamin wrote:

I received an email offer for a platinum card with a $300 or $500 starting line. Um, thanks but no thanks.


However, if they came out with a 3% back, no annual fee card with a decent credit limit I'd be totally on board. Brand recognition is completely trumped by usefulness when it comes to cards!

Lol, dream on. There isn't a single card out there that offers 3% straight cash back on all purchases, especially with no AF. 

Which was exactly my point. Smiley Very Happy


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