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What’s your favorite card from NFCU?

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Re: What’s your favorite card from NFCU?

The AMEX More Rewards card the DW has. It has the lowest interest of all of our cards, a nice 15K CL, 25K SUB, and the ease of gathereing points with groceries, gas, and normal shopping. It goes great with my Cash rewards I have.

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Re: What’s your favorite card from NFCU?

I can't say that I have a favorite as I only have the goRewards card I got when I got into NFCU in 2016. But, I was just glad to have that because there was a time I didn't think I would ever even be able to get into Navy Fed. I had no close way to be eligible an then came the way to get in by way of going thru the San Diego chapter. Luckily I slid in that way before they shut that method down less than a year later.

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Re: What’s your favorite card from NFCU?

@spiritcraft1 wrote:

My old favorite was the nRewards Secured...  as of last month it is now the GoRewards Card.  I had the nRewards for 26 months and did use the Member Mall often and racked up $400.00 in cash back that was deposited in my account when I made the switch to the GoRewards the day of graduation. I also received a $25.00 Olive Garden GC in order to clear the rest of the rewards. I left behind 430 points but I can make that up fast!


I may have a new favorite soon as I just broke 600...  up from a low of 408 in terms of EQ FICO 08's anyway.

I have the Flagship on the way now witha 597 Fico...  no apparent need for 600+ Ficos  (Thanks Navy).  I luckily have a few yearly expenses coming up so that I can get that sign up bonus.  It will have an AF next year but between the 2% and the Member Mall I can offset that.  It may become my favorite NFCU card!

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