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What's your goal cc limits?

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I'd like to get my CC limits to where my monthly spending only reaches about 10% of utilization - so that would be somewhere in the range of $45k-50k, since my monthly spending is between $4k-5k.

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I just broke $10K yesterday, so I'm good for now.  I would like to all of my cards to be around $5K (and my cashRewards to jump above $10K) but I'm not jumping through any hoops to make it happen.

2011: EQ 580~
2012: EQ 620~
2013: EQ 641, TU98 645, TU04 635, TU08 635, EX 648 (lender)
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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

My goal was 3 prime cards with good limits.  You can see where I am in my siggy.  From this point on I'm just going for auto-CLI's.  No need for more.

Starting Score: TU 672 EQ 654 10/20/09
Current Score: TU 775 EQ 783 EX 799 (PLUS)
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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I'm working on getting all my major bank revolving cards (3 currently, 4 when I add BCE in a few months) up to at least 10K. That should give me some leeway to let balances report without affecting my scores too much (I usually spend around 3K-4K a month). 

Starting Score (07/2011): EQ 706 TU 709
Current Score (6/2013): EQ 740 TU 732 EX 740
Goal Score: 750+ on all 3

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