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What's your goal cc limits?

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

My first goal was to get credit, then to get more diverse credit, then break 10k on a card, then 10k on more than one card.  Then finally to get back in with AMEX for backdating.  All of these goals were obtained this month.


Next goals;

Get a single credit card to break 20k.

My goal is to break the 100k barrier of total credit limits.

Get more AMEX products for backdating purposes.  Each additional account will get me another 21 years....

Renew my personal LOC with Wells from 10k to 25k, hopefully April 2013 will do it.


I have been working hard, but the only thing that works is TIME...Darn Experian, so many prime CC use them, inquiries stink.....  and of course on time payments.


Thanks to myFICO forum I have been able to achieve goals to date.





About 400k in Credit Lines
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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

Id like to get above 10000 on a card, but am too afraid to ask for it lol. I would also like to get a higher limit card on the Visa/Mastercard network. The highest I have is 6000 and the higher limits are all on the wretched American Express network.

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

Get to 10k total revolving acc this year, Im in 4.5ks Smiley Happy


and Get a descent 3 or 4ks since CC, hoping to achieve it when I can finnaly cut my hands of app again! and garden what I have....

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

shakalaka wrote:

Walt_K wrote:

I like having my limits high enough to be able to book airfare and hotel for family vacations without having to worry about multiple payments.

That´s a good one.


In additon: Enough to not worry about UTIL if a balance reports. Still PIF of course, but not before statement cuts. Aiming to pay on due date.

I agree with both of these thoughts.

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Everyday spending: Bofa Accelerated cash rewards amex, Discover Escape
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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

My credit goal is to have all my major cards at $5k or better. $10k is the sweet spot, but I make $60k a year and after awhile, I'm guessing creditors will look at my salary and my available credit and think "Why does she even need more credit? What she has is more than sufficient." Which in fact is true, but it would be nice to have every single friggin card sitting at or above a $5k limit. At this point though, I feel very secure and just more at ease anyway because even if I do charge on one card heavily, it doesn't hurt my utilization much.


Here's to hoping to get the last 3 over the $5k mark.

Starting Score: 686 TU / 683 EQ 01/17/2013
Current Score: 703 TU / 691 EQ 10/04/2013 / 688 EX 11/12/2013
Goal Score: 700 across all three

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I would like to finally cross 5k. I think that limit will suffice until my income grows some more.

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

My goal was to have a total revolving availability of $100,000 and I have done that. In fact it is a little over. I don't need anymore credit.

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I only want enough to cover any emergencies that might happen, maybe $10-20k total. I think any more than that might scare me a little.

Starting Score: 11/29/12 TU 527; EQ 565; EX 564 fako - bk7 dc'd 2/15/13
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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I never really had a limit, but thought $5,000 per card would be nice (I only want about 5 cards). Then my second CC was approved with a CL of $25,000 and that was a seriously good feeling. I have just over $30,000 total available credit now, and that is plenty for me right now, though I will strive for $5,000 per card just so I don't have to worry about utilization on any one card. I just want enough to pay for emergencies while woking overseas.

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Re: What's your goal cc limits?

I have 55k+ now, I'm aiming for 100k+ mainly because I prefer my Fico score to fly first class in luxury, and not have to face the rocky roads of credit / debt ratios Smiley Tongue


Since I'm known to charge upto 10k a month or so, it's nice to not have to worry about paying my balance down RIGHT before the statement cuts to maximize my Fico score.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758
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