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What should I apply for?

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What should I apply for?

I want to apply for 1 or maybe 2 more cards but I don't know which ones. 


Cards I have currently are:


Chase Freedom(4500 cl)

Bofa(1500 cl)

Chase Sapphire Preferred (8500 cl, just applied and instantly approved 3 days ago)

Citi Simplicity (5600 cl, applied/instant approval today)


Rewards in the form of cash back is what I want, or cards with 0% Intro offers.(or both!)


Credit score: 800 (EQ)

7 INq

$73 reporting on Freedom, that's it

No negatives whatsoever.


Any Ideas for me?



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Re: What should I apply for?

You could get anything.


Try an amex card that's appealing to you?

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Re: What should I apply for?

Amex of your choice and a Discover IT, great rewards and free fico score. That's what I'd do!

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Re: What should I apply for?

Not really interested in Amex at this point, but am planning to get one at a later time.


But discover, yeah! I forgot about the free fico! Thanks for the reminder.

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Re: What should I apply for?

I would totally go for discover if i were u. 


 I would also take the hard pull and get that boa card up to like a 5k limit at least. 

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