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What should my plan be?

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Re: What should my plan be?

paparoach429 wrote:

So now that I bought my new car I wont be too concerned with inquiries after I get a few more really good cards to round out my portfolio. Other than store cards I have the Citi Forward and a secured Capital One card that I want to close after I get another major card. Im thinking the Discover It, Chase Freedom and either the Csp (thanks for the tips on my other thread) or the BCE. How should I go about applying for these as far as time frame? Should I apply for all of them the same day and let them age together? In 2 months my oldest credit card would be 2 years and 3 months, 0-5% utilization, and less then 4 inquiries on my report not counting my auto loan inquiries.  On another note, I just realized that Im going to Boston in 2 weeks and am going to be spending more money that week that normal so it would be easier to spend the $500 and 2k or 3k for the startup bonuses. Should I apply for the cards now or wait for that last inquiry to fall off on May 9th?     

NVM, I read the whole thread.


You can try Discover.. but in my recent experience, they are not too keen on a high number of inquiries.  Just go for it, and see what they say. Not much to lose Smiley Very Happy


And Congrats on getting both the Freedom and CSP.  Chase is being very good to you!

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Re: What should my plan be?

Im already in with Amex. I got the green card in December.

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Re: What should my plan be?

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