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What to app 4 next ?????

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Re: What to app 4 next ?????

Congrats on sally world card... that fico for free will be nice. I was looking at the Sam's club plus card over the weekend when I was at Sam's club. I decided to walk away due to my garden club goal. It looked like a pretty neat card.... maybe I will convince my DH to get one. Congrats on your approval.

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Re: What to app 4 next ?????

Well, tried the new number to call - all she could tell me was that my app was denied and to wait till I received my letter.  There was nothing more she could do for me....oh well.....makes me want to look at the Discover letter that I received (2 this past week) in the mail.  The only thing is that my name is not spelled correctly so I just figure that it is a mistake or fluke.


Gotta hold out for 9 - 10 more months - want that new car more than I want a Walmart card - just the dicount on gas and the free monthly score would have been great to have.



Thanks - and moving forward




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