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What to do next?

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Re: What to do next?

American Express is accepted virtually everywhere. like someone else stated earlier, it's rare that a plce doesn't except it. EVEN MCDONALD'S ACCEPTS AMEX.  At some point AMEX was the only card I had and I used it everywhere. I would rarely use cash and was always able to pay with my card.


I'm not trying to sway you to get the AMEX card, I just wanted to let you know of the myth that AMEX isn't excepted everywhere.

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Re: What to do next?

billsfan14 wrote:

It seems there's just a general feeling of Amex dislike on the boards.  Most of the threads I read deal with their credit cards through.  I've rarely seen bad things said about the charge cards.


Wait I shall do.  


Can anyone chime in on my score goals for a Green or Gold? 

Its likely Amex will pull your EX FICO score, unfortunately, we no longer know this score. Looking at your other two scores, if they are FICOs, I would not app with Amex, they're too low. Even if you had very high scores, I still wouldn't recommend you app with Amex. Amex is in a real AMess.

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Re: What to do next?

Here's an update...


Checked my EQ tonight to see how my recent payment changed my score... 643 to 699!  My updated Discover balance should post next week, bringing my UTL from 38 to 19.  Plus, another month in good standing and adding age to my account.


I'd imagine I'll be 700+ next week.  Looks like my Amex Green could be closer! 

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