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What to do next?

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What to do next?



Relatively new to credit. My first credit card that I started out with is a secured $300 (now $400) BOA cash rewards credit card. I've had this card since April '18 (8 months) and I have no other cards. I've been wanting to apply for other cards, however I don't know when is the right time to do so. I have looked at other cards and the only cards that I would have interest in/use is AMEX or Chase for the SUB/cashback since I want to make a big purchase soon. I checked their online prequalify pages.. Chase - no offers but I did get one via snail mail / Amex - gold card offered, nothing else.


So should I continue to wait or would I have a decent chance at applying? Also, I've read about early graduation with secured BOA cards. Would it be worth it trying to unsecure it by calling BOA or wait another 3 months for it to potentially unsecure by itself? BOA automatically increased my limit by $100 at the end of 6 months if that means anything.




TU: 736

EQ: ~750+

EX: ~750+

Util: 1%

Inquiries: 2

PIF every month, nothing bad on credit report.


Can't get my exact EQ/EX because of CCT login not working but I know they're both above 750+.

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Re: What to do next?

I would start by thinking about what you want from a credit card. What kind of rewards?


Here is a nice list of "good cards to keep":


If you are interested in any Chase cards, apply there first. We can make recommendations if you tell us what you're looking for. 


Your scores are good enough to get most cards.

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Re: What to do next?

Welcome to My Fico 000welcome34.gif


Your scores & uti are good the issue I see is you have a young, thin file.

I would recommend Amex or Discover as they're friendly to files like yours.

Try their prequal sites to check for offers without a HP.


In all honesty, I think Chase is out of reach for now. You have one secured card, 8 months old with a $400 limit.

They would like to see a year credit experience and likely an unsecured card with a higher limit. Sorry

Good Luck


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Re: What to do next?

I'd wait four months. Then, you'll be more likely to be approved for more cards.

If you are in a hurry then I'd recommend Discover as your next. Then, wait a bit and maybe an Amex revolver. Then, look up Amex 3x thread. Try to get a limit increase after 61 days on it.

Wait until you've had a card for a year before applying to Chase. IMO, wait until you have a card with a limit over $2k before applying to Chase or many others.
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Re: What to do next?

Welcome, @3218534871314391. Smiley Happy


Wait until your BOA card is a year old before considering a Chase application. Some people are approved with less than that, but we don't have the data points to help us understand what caused them to make exceptions. Therefore, we have to make recommendations based on the general population, which is to wait until month 13 of your card history.


You should be in great shape for a second card right now, just not Chase. Smiley Happy You're in a position where you can be somewhat choosy. The main thing to avoid at this point is cards that have a minimum limit that might currently be out of your reach. As others have asked, what kinds of rewards interest you?

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