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What to look for ?

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What to look for ?

Hello everyone !

well I started building my credit history last October 08, I begun with a fully secured boa card $800 cl, that will insecure by July, and got a macy*s store card just last week with $200 cl.

I have 9 hard queries in my reports( no one wanted to give me credit because I had no credit history at all )

should I try getting another card if so which one to go for ?

will discover consider newbies like me ? Since I m not a college student Smiley Sad

or should I just be happy with what a got for now and work on getting higher CLs

what do you guys and gals think

all suggestion are very welcome.

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Re: What to look for ?

Hello and welcome!


I think you are off to a good start. Both, the BofA card and the Macy's card have the potential to stay with you for the rest of your credit history. You will probably be able to product change the BofA card to something nicer after it unsecures.


Getting a second bank card will probably be best for your history, but I would wait until your BofA card will be one year old. That way, your chance of something nice will be better. I wouldn't try Discover right now. As you won't get a student card, a bit of history and a score of 680+ will help you with that one. At some point, you will probably be offered a Visa from Macy's, and that would be another full tradeline in addition to the store card you already have.


Good luck!

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Re: What to look for ?

Check out local credit unions. I think your file is way too thin and short for the national CU's, but local ones should be happy to work with you. And if the time comes that you need an auto loan, CU's are often the best source. They're great about working with new people and rebuilders.

Many CU's pull EQ (TU more often in the northwest.)
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