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What unsecured credit cards should I apply for with eight months of credit history ?

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Re: What unsecured credit cards should I apply for with eight months of credit history ?

  APPROVED FOR BOTH CARDS and............. !

Ok Sports Fans today I went to the Amex Site to check on the cards I applied for yesterday.

(Three Applications all in one day....I know I am an Idiot)

I would not recommend anyone do what I did as this is crazy and I think just I got very lucky.


But first a quick recap of what happened:

Yesterday I applied for the Amex Zync credit card online as recommended by "The Yoda" of Credit knowledge on this board. 

I received Instant Approval for the Amex Zync Charge Card with no restrictions on the credit line. That seemed way too easy.


Feeling great I get up to drive to Cosco and Apply in person for the Costco branded True Earnings Amex Card as also recommended.

But before I can step away...... the computer Beckens and before I can stop myself I apply for the Amex BCE.

(I figured what the hell I'll give it a shot)

I receive the following and figure that I am denied.

Thank you for applying for the Blue Cash EverydaySM from American Express.

Your application has been received and will be processed as soon as possible and we will notify you of the decision by mail within 14 days. 
Thank you for applying.


I immediatley have Clickers Remorse: Smiley Sad 

(I was not supposed to Apply for the Amex BCE it was not part of the plan)


So off to Costco retail store for stage two of the original plan and I fill out the Amex Application.

The women helping me was great and when the application does not go through she calls the Amex rep 

and the two of them work on trying to Unring this Bell


I told them I made a big mistake by making multiple applications and will probably have three Hard Pull Inquiries.


These two very patient women worked it out and they said don't worry you will be notified in Four (4) days  (Not 14)

So now I go shopping in Costco and buy way too much stuff  (Hey I am depressed.....I figured in a half an hour I destroyed Nine months of work rebuilding what little credit I have.)


Still with me ?


So today I go to the Amex Site and check on the status of my card applications and to my shock and utter disbelief it says I am not only APPROVED for the Amex Zync

charge card I am also APPROVED for the Amex BCE revolver (The card I really wanted) and they are both on their way.


Here is the Kicker...... they say my Costco Card is Pending.

Total Hard Pulls = (1)


Go figure.



I have only been rebuilding since January of 2012.

Started with CapitalOne Platinum secured card with $2100 Credit Limit

Paid in full every month and usage was approximately 10%.

I would define my salary as decent.

Own my home with no mortgage

No car Loans

One (1) Hard Pull to start


9/11/12 Experian = 775    9/11/12 Transunion = 741    9/11/12 Equifax = 725


I would like to thank everyone in the community who without their input on this board

I probably would not have come back from the land of  Debit Cards, PrePaid Cards and Cash.


and I would like to especially thank bichonmom (god that feels strange to type). "You........You.......You  My Friend Are Very Good  (Love Robert Dinero in that Movie)

PS What the heck am I going to do with three New Amex Cards ?


My goal is to have a well balanced Quiver of cards that would provide flexibility. 

Then I will retire to a farm where i probably will not need credit cards to begin with. However, I would like to plant a really nice garden. Smiley Wink






Amex Zync NPSL 9/12, Amex CostcoTrue Earnings $10K 9/12
Amex BCE $3K 9/12 (Amex Back Dated to 1983)
Chase Sapphire Preferred $17K 11/12, Chase Freedom $7K 11/12
Discover More $750 11/12
CapitalOne Platinum Secured Card 2K 2/12 (Closed 12/12)
FICO: EQ = 804 EX = 802(Amex) TU = 801(Discover)
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