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When Is It Good To Apply By Phone?

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When Is It Good To Apply By Phone?

Has anyone obtained and solid advice/guidance by applying by phone for a new card?


I've had a Citi Thankyou card for about 2 years and got an offer letter, applied and aproved for a Diamond Prefferred this July.  Last month I got another pre-aproval letter for the card that I REALLY want the New Hilton Honors Reserve Citi card. I'd like to combine my Thankyou into the Diamond Prefferred (because the Diamond card limit is higher and I have several month left on 0% BT). Then app for the Hilton Honors card. That's a mouthful to type let alone to have someone at a bank try and review.


Do you all think that a CSR (maybe even a manager) would be able to guide me on the best strategy to execute in order to get the new Hilton card, and to keep as much of my existing CL as possible? Or can those guys not say anything and it will be left all up to the computers???

    NPSL              $25k            $25k              $23k              $22k               $16k              $12k              $10k            $6.5k
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