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When Should I Apply For USAA?

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When Should I Apply For USAA?

I know that now USAA offers cards for those who have not served in the military, so I would like to lay out my credit life and hope to get insight from everyone, I would really appreciate it, thanks everyone!


I'm 20 and my AAoA is 2 years old.


Never had any missed/late payments.


My inqs are 3 for the year. 20% Utilization rate


My scores 8 months ago were 662. And I know it's improved, so I'm going to guess high 600's/ low 700's?


Also, which USAA card would you guys recommend? The Platinum Mastercard?


Or what other cards would you guys recommend? 


Thank you! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: When Should I Apply For USAA?

I can only tell you my story.


You see below what my scores are.  Last summer I applied, and received, an Orchard MC with a $300 CL.  I quickly checked my scores here (I had been repairing) and when I saw what they were immediately applied for Wells-Fargo and AMEX Gold.  I was approved for both, with an $11K CL with WF.  I let the accounts age for six months.


I app'd for USAA after receiving a pre=approval letter (I am a Reservist with 16 years of service including 18 months in Iraq in 06-07).  I was denied.  The reason was because of some old lates that didn't seem to bother either WF or AMEX.  I tried to recon and they wouldn't even consider it.  So, I immediate app'd for Navy FCU who gave me a visa with a $10K CL


I am sure USAA has their reasons.  What they don't have is my business.

Starting Score: TU 672 EQ 654 10/20/09
Current Score: TU 775 EQ 783 EX 799 (PLUS)
AMEX Delta Platinum $35K, NFCU Visa Signature $30K, HHonors Reserve Visa $35K, WF $13.5K, IHG Rewards Club MC $25K
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