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When can I CLI?

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When can I CLI?


I am wondering when I can CLI. Applied/got Amex and Disc in the beginning of July 2016. CLI'd both at day 91. Disc denied me over the phone but emailed me a 200 increase soon after, about 1-2 weeks. Amex doubled my SL of $1k.

I tried to CLI Amex around December 14-16 and was denied. The Disc email CLI was the beginning of November, the 2nd.

When can I CLI them? I've read after the 90 day CLI with Amex that you have to wait 6 months. Is this true and if so, is it 6 months from the successful CLI or the denied one in December? I was thinking of asking Disc for a CLI the beginning of February but im not sure if I should try Amex then or wait..

Also, my Disc utilization will be pretty high in Feb at like 40-50 percent but my Amex will be at 0 by then.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: When can I CLI?

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Re: When can I CLI?

If you got the Amex card in July and received a CLI after 90 days, that would be October.  6 months from then is April; you can't get another Amex CLI until April so it is not worth trying in February.


Discover doesn't have any strict guidelines or time periods required for waiting and their CLIs are all very profile-specific.  Some people get CLI's every other month, some every 3-6 months, others every 21-31 days.  It's really all over the place so all you can do is make requests on occasion and try to determine what sort of request schedule works best for your specific account/file.

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Re: When can I CLI?

Thanks for the replies! If my util is high with Disc but overall is low, what are the chances of a Disc CLI? I know under 30 percent is advised, but what if my Disc util is 50-75 percent but overall under 30?
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Re: When can I CLI?

I believe creditors care about your utilization with them just as much as overall utilization as the higher your utilization with them, the greater risk they are at.  I personally have never requested a CLI if I didn't have single-digit utilization on both the account I was going for the CLI on AND overall utilization.  You always want to give yourself the best possible look with respect to the creditor in question, so the first thing they are going to look at is how you treat their card.  If you have 9% utilization with them but some 30-50% utilization elsewhere, at least they see that you are treating your Discover account the best which I only think could be favorable for a CLI.


While I personally recommend being at single-digit utilization for CLIs, others have reported getting CLIs that are just as good when in the 10-29% range.  Once you get to 30%+, though, you are looked at far less favorably and while you may still be able to receive a CLI there is no doubt in my mind that it will be watered down a good amount from what you could have gotten at single-digit utilization; It could be the difference of receiving just $500 instead of $2000, for example.

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Re: When can I CLI?

How much should I CLI for when I get my util down? Amex gave me a SL of $1k and Disc the same. On my first round of CLI Amex gave me $2k and Disc gave me only 1.2k. April I will ask Amex for $6k but I am not sure what to do on Disc.. will they counter like Amex?
Thinking of trying $1.2k to $2.5k?
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Re: When can I CLI?

With Discover you don't really ask for a number like you do Amex.  You simply request a CLI with Discover and they'll grant you whatever your profile tells them you deserve at that time.  It could be nothing, $500, $3000, etc.  At least with Discover you can request as often as you'd like.  Assuming your utilization is in check (below 30%) I'd recommend hitting the button with Discover every month about 4-5 days after your account reports.  Some months you won't get anything, others you will. 

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Re: When can I CLI?

I really appreciate the replies, two more questions.

1. Will Amex care that i tried to CLI in December/got denied? Did that reset the 180 day clock?
2. Should I CLI Disc later this month after Disc reports, even with really high util with them? I understand it won't work as well as me having single digit util.. but if there's no negative reprocussions then I feel like there's no harm in trying?
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